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5 Things Every Puppy Parent Knows About Getting Ready In The Morning

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Some of us are born morning people — others, not so much. And a select few, such as new puppy parents, have the morning thrust upon them whether they like it or not.

Puppies sure are adorable, but they also come with some needs and wants that cause their human moms and dads to miss out on other things — like sleep.

Here are five things that only puppy parents understand about trying to get ready in the morning with a brand new puppy.

Do you have a pup at home who loves mornings? What other things do puppy parents know about getting up early that other people don’t? Let us know in the comments below!

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Training a puppy is easy and fun as long as you have the proper knowledge needed to establish the right relationship with your new puppy. The first step is defining the boundaries of your home and the areas you will allow your puppy into. Keeping in mind that puppies need lots of praise and attention in order to learn and grow. They are very different from older dogs who need more discipline.

Many people choose to leave their puppies in puppy boot camps, dog crates, and even indoor puppy leashes. Puppy boot camps and crate training are a popular method that many puppy owners and breeders use. The basic idea of operant conditioning and positive reinforcement training deals with rewarding the puppy for specific behaviors, reactions, and outcomes that the puppy learns that what you do is important to what comes next. Instead of just punishing the puppy for bad behavior, the puppy learns to understand that if he does something that gets him scolded then he will get a positive response the next time he behaves in the same manner. The result is that you can quickly solve a problem by using operant conditioning. Rather than scolding the puppy or yelling at him, he learns that when you tell him to sit or down he should respond to that command and that getting him to stop barking while you are gone is much worse than getting him to obey your commands in the first place.

When it comes to housebreaking your puppy, it is recommended that you keep the housebreaking up to the puppies particular schedule. If he is going potty during the night, then make sure to take him out at a certain time every day. Be careful not to keep him inside every time he needs to go out. It is also recommended that you keep a close eye on him until he is potty trained. If you notice that he has been potty trained then you should begin taking him outside on his leash only when he is ready. You can start with two or three days and then move up to four or five days.