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7 Older Dogs Who Would Love A New Life

Older dogs are too often overlooked by potential adopters. There are so many myths about adopting an older dog or even dog adoption in general.

But for so many of those who adopt an older dog find them to be wonderful companions and in many cases, older dogs are just plain easier to integrate in to a new home. They are frequently more mellow, better mannered and quick to adjust to their new homes and routines.

We’d like to introduce you to 7 older dogs who are ready and able to come and change your life.

Did you know: Many dogs are considered “senior” after they turn seven, however, you can still teach an old dog new tricks.

The benefits of adopting an older dog

An older dog can be the perfect choice for newbies who may not have the time or desire for training from scratch.

There are many older dogs in shelters who are already used to things such as house training, car travel, leisurely walks and many of the other things that often take a lot of work but make dog ownership such a joy.

One of the reasons why some people are put off adopting an older dog is the thought that the dog won’t have as many years left. But for so many people who have adopted an older dog, the joy of those years is pure and intense, no matter how long they are able to be with their new senior companion.

Older dogs can also bring a new kind of joy to longtime dog owners who want to experience the instant and unique bond that can only be formed with an older dog.

An older dog can bond with you just as deeply as a puppy. They are ready to love and are incredibly appreciative of the love you’re bringing into their life.

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7 Older dogs available for adoption

Robert – 12 year old male Cross-Breed

Rescue: Cloud K9 Rescue

7 Older Dogs Who Would Love A New Life

This charming boy is so happy, wants to please, his tail never stops wagging. He has settled into home life well, getting along with all the dogs and cats too.

He is clean in the home, loves going for a walk and is ready for a few more adventures and experience what life has to offer in his twilight years.

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Trevor – 9 year old male Siberian Husky

Rescue: Saints Sled Dog Rescue

7 Older Dogs Who Would Love A New Life

He is a cheeky loving boy still looking for his forever home. He loves cuddles and a back rub and will give gentle kisses in return.

He loves walks and adventures and is well behaved in the car and in new places. He is very curious and likes to know what’s going on. He settles well in the house when on his own charging his batteries ready for when you return.

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Patrocle – 11 year old male Cross-Breed

Rescue: Bid to Save a Stray

7 Older Dogs Who Would Love A New Life

This sweet and gentle boy is looking for a retirement home. Patrocle is small in height but quite long in the body. He has no issues with the other dogs as you can see and enjoys human contact.

It’s possible that Patrocle has been in a home in his past but he could need training in all aspects. Patrocle will need a garden and an adopter with the patience to give him time to adjust to his new life.

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Oreo – 7 year old male Cross-Breed

Rescue: Animal Rescue Crew

7 Older Dogs Who Would Love A New Life

Oreo is a fairly laidback dog who is currently living with the rowdy gang (Diesel, Brady, Karla and Skooby). Oreo is great with all the dogs he has met, and could live with a dog who is laid back and not too bosy.

Oreo has shown he is a super smart dog already so we hope this continues in his new home, especially when the time comes to attend his formal training class.

He will also require to learn how to walk on a harness and lead – so patience from his adopters is a must.

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Meg – 11 year old female Pointer Cross

Rescue: DOG Rescue Cyprus

7 Older Dogs Who Would Love A New Life

Meg is house trained and sleeps well through the night. Meg will thrive in a quiet home, with one or 2 people and a safe garden where she can relax and play with her ball.

This girl is a beautiful soul who has not had much luck in her life.

Her new people need to be happy to give her time and space to feel safe with them. This girl is a beautiful soul who has not had much luck in her life.

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Omar – 9 year old male Cross-Breed

Rescue: Glendee Rescue Hertfordshire

7 Older Dogs Who Would Love A New Life

He is looking for a home where he won’t be left too long. He can share his life with another calm dog. He has not yet been assessed around cats.

He enjoys a gentle walk, and he adores his food! Often by letting you know by becoming a little vocal, he is always clear in what he likes and doesn’t like by telling you with some chatty interaction.

He is an easy boy here at Glendee, he sleeps in his kennel at night, but in the day time he loves to visit the office and have all of his care givers lavish attention on him.

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Humphrey – 10 year old male Spanish Water Dog cross Spaniel

Rescue: Animal Angels Global

7 Older Dogs Who Would Love A New Life

Humphrey has separation anxiety and likes to be with a human at all times, except at night when he is happy to sleep in a separate room.

If left for periods he can be destructive so ideally he needs a home where people are around all of the time and can take him with them if they go out.

Humphrey is a special dog that just needs that perfect home that will take his little quirks into consideration.

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Whether you’re drawn to older dogs, younger dogs or puppies – let’s all agree, every dog deserves a home.

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