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K9 Magazine Issue 151

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A dog is considered part of the family. People show their affection for their dogs in many ways, including by buying them gifts and inviting them to holidays. For many people, a dog is just another member of the family, someone who plays with them or stays in the house. To show how much you love your dog, send him or her out as part of your family.

Did you know that dogs make people happier? In a new study found in the March 2021 edition of Evolution & Human Behavior, veterinarian researchers explain that playing with a dog can actually help reduce stress levels, improve mood, increase feelings of satisfaction and relaxation, reduce depression symptoms, reduce symptoms of loneliness, and boost confidence at work. To show this, purchase personalized shirts, blankets, clothing, collars, sweaters, books, and even take them shopping with you. Many dogs visit daycare, go on trips with us, receive special treats, get massages, get haircuts, and even get better birthday gifts than our own. They even get better holiday gifts, like personalized slippers!

According to a separate study published in the May 2021 edition of Evolutionary Psychology, pet owners are more satisfied with their pets than non-pet owners are. This may be due to the fact that dogs require minimal exercise and can provide a satisfying companion. Another reason that pet owners are happier is that they don’t have to clean up after their pets, which allows them time to spend with their family. Lastly, pet owners were more likely to feel a sense of fulfillment when their pets were healthy and well-trained.

There’s no denying that dogs offer people many benefits. But does the joy of having a pet and its companions aggravate stress levels? The short answer is no. According to Dr. Lisa Wheeler of the University of Tennessee,” Pets may relieve our stress, but they don’t cause it. On the other hand, we’re not saying that pets cause bad days, just that they bring some enjoyment and joy into our lives.”

In addition to the aforementioned study, another found that dogs are linked to lower blood pressure. Yes, hypertension is linked to clogged arteries, and dogs are definitely susceptible to having blocked arteries due to their size and exertion level. However, this doesn’t mean you should raise your voice or otherwise intimidate your canine companion. The key to preventing hypertension from setting in is maintaining good overall health. That means eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Interestingly, this study found that owning dogs made non-dog owners less depressed. This makes a lot of sense since dogs require less physical activity than non-dog owners. Thus, owning dogs may reduce emotional stress among non-dog owners. Interestingly, this effect didn’t exist among dog owners who were actively involved in caring for their dogs; thus, it’s possible that care and interaction lead to higher levels of happiness, which in turn lead to increased mental health.