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Meet Gunner

Dog’s name and age: Gunner, 12 years

Nicknames: G-man

Adoption Story: I was looking for a companion for my other dog and found Gunner. When I saw that Gunner had the same birthday as my husband, I knew it was meant to be. Gunner has an attitude that makes him special. When he does not want to do something, he turns his back, rolls his eyes, and then sighs—it is like working with a teenage boy.

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Raising a puppy takes time, effort, love, and patience. Puppy breeders contend with many puppy behaviors that can sometimes be hard to control and eliminate. For example, biting, marking their territory, whining, barking incessantly, and digging for poop in the house are just some of the puppy behaviors that you need to come up with ways to prevent from ruining your house or your day. Puppy breeds have their own set of traits and you want to look out for these before adopting a puppy from a breeder. Puppy breeders and pet shops can sometimes be very helpful when it comes to puppy training tips for dogs.

Puppy breeders teach puppies everything from how to sit, to walking on a leash, learning tricks, how to play games, and other important puppy skills. You may decide to get a puppy as a first pet or to later raise it to an adult dog. Some people keep puppies at home for the whole 12 weeks, while others simply allow the puppies to play around and go potty inside the house. There are also puppies that are used for hunting, herding, or even for fighting.

Puppy breeds, like any dog breed, are trainable and dogs learn best if they are taught what to do by someone who understands them. This is why it’s important that you get help from a professional dog trainer who will teach the puppy your commands and give him positive reinforcement so he learns what to do. This type of training is different from that of how a puppy is raised in the home since it involves much more supervision to ensure the dog stays on the right track. It’s not as easy as just letting the puppy wander around the house and wait for you to take over and train the puppy. Training a puppy requires a lot of positive reinforcement and dedication to make sure the puppy grows up to be a responsible and well-mannered dog.