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Meet Sulley

Dog’s name and age: Sulley, 6 years

Adoption story: Sulley had been at the Potsdam Humane Society since mid-June. The PHS is a no-kill shelter that works with hard-to-place dogs to find suitable homes.

I’ve been volunteering since mid-April, when the shelter opened volunteer training back up. When I visit the shelter, 2-3 times a week, I work with two dogs each time. Sulley’s is the tenth dog I’ve worked with. He is the most loving and “no worries” of the lot.

Sulley’s enthusiasm is unlimited. Practice “sit”? Sulley would happily do it all day. Hugs and rubs? Ditto. He flashes this smile a lot too! He loves people and is an absolute lovebug.

I’m happy to say that Sulley has finally been adopted!

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