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Meet Zoe

Dog’s name and age:  Zoe, 14 years 

Nicknames: Zo-Zo, Butpz, Princess, Doll 

Adoption Story: After we adopted Zoe, we learned she had the parvovirus. She had to be hospitalized and put on IV for three days. At only 2 pounds, she was not given a very high survival rate by doctors. Miraculously, she pulled through that terrible disease, and I call her my miracle fur baby. 

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If you are planning to start a new puppy then you should take into consideration a few important things. Firstly you should know that there are various dog breeds and in order for your puppy to grow healthily you should choose a breed that suits your lifestyle. Secondly you should know the requirements of different puppy breeds. You should do your research and know what specific puppy breeds will suit your lifestyle before you actually get your puppy. The third thing you should consider is your puppy’s health. You should have a regular check up with your Vet in order to prevent puppies from developing health problems.

Give Your Puppy Mental and Physical Stimulation One of the most important things your puppy needs is physical and mental stimulation. Giving your puppy regular exercise and giving him enough food and treats can help in this department. However you need to make sure that your puppy is also getting enough mental stimulation as your dog also needs mental stimulation to remain healthy. You can find different toys and treats that are specifically designed for puppies that helps in their mental stimulation. You can also take your puppy along with you for walks which will keep them physically active.

Puppy Training During the First 12 weeks of the Puppy’s Life If you have decided to get a puppy you should not rush into the training phase, as it could hamper the growth of your puppy. Take puppy training slowly and when your puppy has started to get the hang of it you can introduce more challenging training methods. Also remember that you should not force your puppy during training sessions, but instead let the puppy learn by watching and gently taking commands. By doing these you will be able to teach your puppy the right and wrong way of doing things.